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Fujian Jinghui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd(short for JH Tech) is the leading eco-friendly evaporative air cooler manufacturer established in Fuzhou China in 2006. It’s a high-tech enterprise focused on energy-saving, evaporative air cooler’s R&D, marketing and excellent customer service. By owning experienced experts and aggressive sales, it makes JH Tech to give its clients professional service like factory, cafes, supermarket, base station etc. Through 10 years growth, JH Tech had completed its whole industry chain layout and became a truly leader in the industry.

JH Tech has more than 50 outlets all over mainland China. Enjoying an outstanding reputation over 100 clients around the world. Being the fastest growing Chinese company in the Eco-AC industry since 2006 and 8 consecutive years sales champion with its inverter evaporative air cooler.

JH Tech’s version is “Be the No. 1 eco-friendly cooler maker in China and the Whole World ” For now, JH Tech has 2 mainly product series covering the commercial and household type, which include standard unit, industrial unit, window unit, mobile unit and home used unit. More than 40 kinds of models to meet all clients’ needs. Owned ISO9001:2000, CE, CB, CCC, SAA, SASO, UL certificates.

JH Tech was the first one use inverter technique upon Japan-made IPM frequency conversion module in order to save more energy. Its highly qualified recycling water pump can protect water pump from damaging in water shortage situation. What’s more, its auto pad self-cleaning tech and auto temperature and humidity control tech had filled the industry’s blankness.

Best quality, professional R&D ability, comprehensive products lines and excellent customer service lead JH Tech to a bright further in evaporative cooler market and infrared radiant heater market as well. With all the strength, JH Tech will become much more powerful and reliable in the HVAC industry. NO JH, NO COOLING!