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JH-NR-16 Series

JH-NR-16 Series

  • Supply Power: 0.5--1.0kW
  • Voltage: 220V~
  • Accessory: installing bracket, thermostat with remote
  • Specification: see the products introduction

1. No light: far infrared ray is not visible, will not affect rest at night

2. No noise: through radiant to warming, no need to use fan motor, no noise pollution

3. Good physical therapy: radiation wavelength controls in 4-14 micron, health cares for human body.

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1、Operation principle:

JH heater’s surface is made of finned type special aluminum alloy, adopting unique tech; it creates an obvious energy-saving effect because of high electricity-heat efficiency& aero heating elements. Heating panel is covered by special NANO painting; far infra ray will be created after warming up, as efficiency reaches to 86%.

2、Advantages of JH heater:

*Far infra ray acts on human body directly, makes people feel like sunshine warm
*Good physical therapy health cares for human body
*Make indoor plants flourish
*Make indoor air clean& sterile due to far infra ray’s disinfection antiseptic effect
*Even heat, smaller temperature difference, especially for ceiling mount


1. Easy to Install, coordinate with conditions.

2. No light, no wind, no dust

3. Good for health. The far-infrared rays emitted from ceramic material will improve the blood flow.

4. Low investment costs, low operating costs, reduce your expenses

Company strength

JH Tech is a leading manufacturer for evaporative air coolers and infrared radiant heaters in China. JH Tech is the only one company obtained the high-tech certificate, obtained more than 40 patents in this industry. More than 3,500 famous enterprises choose JHCOOL products, includes Haier Group, China Unicom, Yili Group, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

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