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  • Cover Area:30-35m2
  • Power:160W
  • Noise:≤ 61dB(A)
  • Air flow:3500m3/h
  • Water tank:40L
  • Water consumption:3-5L/H
  • Dimension:712*466*1180mm

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JH advantages

1. Mechanical switch control, adjust fan speed to low/medium/high

2. 3 sides evaporative cooling pads, better cooling efficiency

3. Long lifetime water pump, 40L big water tank meets customer need

4.  Super energy-saving, filter the air by pre-dust filters and cooling pads

5.  Low purchasing cost,  Low power consumption,  Low installation cost,  Low maintenance cost

6.  Three-speed aluminum material cabinet motor, 100% copper wire

7. Unique designed float valve, available water pressure from 0 bar to 5.5bar

Company strength

JH Tech is a leading manufacturer for evaporative air coolers and infrared radiant heaters in China. JH Tech is the only one company obtained the high-tech certificate, obtained more than 40 patents in this industry. More than 3,500 famous enterprises choose JHCOOL products, includes Haier Group, China Unicom, Yili Group, Mercedes-Benz, etc.

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