2006 >>

JH Company was established in Gulou Garden of Jinshan Industrial Zone. It has successfully developed and produced the first frequency conversion evaporative air cooler in China, and has continuously produced a series of industrial evaporative air coolers.

2007 >>

Our scale continues to expand, and then settled in Caimao Textile City, Fuwan Industrial Park. Its products have also passed CE certification of Belgium's Anp Certification Agency and ISO 9001:2000 quality system certification.

2008 >>

We has set up a sheet metal business department, and developed a functional air cooler with intelligent cleaning wet curtain, as well as a temperature and humidity control function air cooler.

2009 >>

JH company has signed scientific research cooperation with Fujian Engineering and has become a member of Fujian Environmental Protection Industry Association and Fujian Machinery Industry  Federation. During this period, we successfully developed an evaporative air cooler suitable for the base station of the computer room, and applied it in the base station of mobile,Unicom and telecommunications, successfully landed in the communications industry. In addition, five national patents have been successfully obtained, including "automatic drainage device of evaporative air-cooler" and "automatic cleaning wet curtain control device of evaporative air-cooler".

2010 >>

We has carried out scientific research cooperation with many well-known universities in China and abroad, and established a research and development center of evaporative refrigeration technology, and successfully developed a solar energy-saving evaporative air-cooler, which has attracted wide attention in the industry. At the same time, it has passed the 3C certification of China's compulsory products.

2011 >>

JH company has become one of the first enterprises in the industry to be awarded the national "high-tech" enterprise laurel, and has passed the IEC International Electrical CB certification.

2012 >>

JH company was awarded the well-known trademark in Fuzhou City. We have independently developed and manufactured the core components of evaporative air coolers, such as special motors and electronic controls, which are suitable for air coolers.

2013 >>

Successful research and development and production of indirect refrigeration evaporative air cooler.Production of 13A and 13B Series Far Infrared Radiation Heaters.

2014 >>

Formally renamed Fujian Jinghui Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., JHCOOL was awarded the famous trademark in Fujian Province.

2015 >>

Launched the 14A/14B,and 15A/15B series Far Infrared Radiation Heaters.

Launched plastic shell of big air cooler with airflow 22,000&30,000 m3/h.

2016 >>

Launched the JH165 portable cooler,E3 and 17A series Far Infrared Radiation Heaters.

2017 >>

New products of JH13C series heaters with Bluetooth speaker are on the market.

2018 >>

New products of baseboard heater are on the market.

Obtained Fujian Province High-tech Enterprise Certificate.

2019 >>

New products of 13W series heaters with WIFI function are on the market.

Once again, we have obtained the certificate of China's national high-tech enterprises.


Wonderful future keeps going on