Farewell 2019, Jinghui Technology Ltd celebrated the 2020 Chinese New Year.

January 15, 2020, Jinghui Technology Ltd., held the Chinese New Year celebration meeting on time after the peak season order of 2019. At the meeting, Ms.Sophin Huang, the chairman of Jinghui Technology made a speech about blessing and encouragement.

In 2019, the global economy showed a declined trend, many Chinese entity enterprises are in trouble, domestic demand insufficient and international exports down. Many companies bankruptcy under difficult situations. Jinghui Technology cannot stand away as a Chinese private enterprise, which decreased obviously in its major businesses.

In the past year, all of us experienced things, encountered challenges, and overcome many difficulties. For a long time to come, we will not only overcome these difficulties but also get used to them. While we still hope that Jinghui will continue to work hard for our core technology and brand.

Jinghui Technology has 14 years’ experience and technical precipitation of industrial air cooler with recognized of the global industry of evaporative air conditioner and high influence. Far-infrared radiation heater has gradually become another main product of our company. The developing of our technology is leading consumption upgrade.

General Manager Mr.Lin presented awards to outstanding business employees

Chairman Ms.Huang presented awards to outstanding business contribution employees

Finance Manager Ms.Wu presented awards to full attendance employees

Production Manager Mr.Fan presented awards to outstanding newcomers

Quality Assurance Manager Mr.Lv presented awards to outstanding designers

Director of Domestic Business Department Mr.Chen presented awards to outstanding employees

Director of International Business Department Mr.Zhang presented awards to outstanding service employees

Chairman Ms.Huang presented awards to finance manager and purchasing manager for outstanding management

Nowadays, JHCOOL has become a brand with more connotation. There's have no front runners before us. We must learn to innovate independently. The far we forward, the more we have to choose and give up. As long as our original intention is not changed, the bright future will come.

2020, hopeful, gratitude and passion! Thank you all and healthy. Happy New Year and all the best!