How Commercial Air Cooler Work?

Commercial air cooler literally means cooling using water. Remember that cooling sensation you feel on your skin as you leave a swimming pool? That is natural commercial air cooler at work. Similarly, that is how we feel the cool breeze that blows across a lake’s surface. By water being evaporated, the temperature of the air particles in contact with liquid water below reduces. This is due to an endothermic reaction that occurs. This reaction converts liquid water into a gas, thus lowering the temperature of adjacent air molecules.

An commercial air cooler machine operates using this principle. It acts as a cooling fan that utilizes three key things: water, a wetted surface and a pump. The pump pulls air particles across the water, lowering their temperature. The pump is operated by a mechanical control system located within the cooler machine. The rotating fan then distributes the cooled air to the intended space.

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