How to build an household air cooler?

But all's not lost! Instead of letting the power of science defeat us, we just have to use it the right way.

Suppose you take a refrigerator and build your house around it, so half the machine (the chiller cabinet) is inside your home and the other half (the grid of hot fins at the back) is outside. Now if you leave the door open, what you have in effect is a fully fledged household air cooler . It draws in heat from inside your home and belches it out again outside, gradually cooling your home in the process.

The simplest household air cooler units work in almost exactly this way, except they have fans on both sides to circulate air more rapidly. They also have a heating element in them so they can warm the air in a room on cold days as well as cool it down on warm days. Machines like this are sometimes called HVACs (heating and ventilation air conditioning units). More elaborate household air cooler s use long ducts to pipe the warmed or cooled air throughout an entire building, but they still work in essentially the same way.

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