• JH165 Small household mobile air cooler

JH165 Small household mobile air cooler

  • Cover Area:30-35m2
  • Power:160W
  • Noise:≤ 61dB(A)
  • Air flow:3500m3/h
  • Water tank:40L
  • Water consumption:3-5L/H
  • Dimension:712*466*1180mm

Introdução do produto

JH advantages

1.  Low carbon green product, environmentally friendly, no damage to the Ozone layer

2.  Super energy-saving, filter the air by pre-dust filters and cooling pads

3. Computer PC board, LED controller shows the working state

4.  Water proof motor, water pump protection function against low water level

5.  Low purchasing cost,  Low power consumption,  Low installation cost,  Low maintenance cost

6. Three-speed aluminum material cabinet motor, 100% copper wire

7. Health negative ionizer, long lifetime water pump

8.  Unique designed float valve, available water pressure from 0 bar to 5.5bar

9.  Auto swing, remote control, auto timing off